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Annealing Services


Many of the products we supply such as ferrules and sleeves will undergo crimping, bending or other forming operations after they leave our plant.  We utilize a state of the art annealing furnance designed to soften hard metals for better ductility in these cold working processes.  Our furnance features a carefully designed belt drive where the water jacket cooling zone for annealed parts is a tunnel within a tunnel, ensuring that the water does not come into contact with the material surface.  This configuration maintains product properties and integrity, granting you the utmost confidence in the quality of the finished piece.

Annealing operations are conducted in an inert atmosphere under digital control assuring every part leaves the furnance exhibiting the right hardness, ductility and bright appearance.

Material properties are constantly monitored and tested to assure compliance to our customers' specifications.




The humpback furnace is located on site in the new furnace building. 



                                          Loading of the baskets into the furnace.               Finished bright annealed parts.                    





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