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Plating Services



standard ferrulesIn the mid 1990's, recognizing a need to supply improved high quality zinc plating for steel ferrules, Globe installed an automated barrel plating line.  This provided internal control of the plating process, enabling custom plating and plating to ASTM industry standards, as well.  In keeping with our ongoing commitment to ISO and TS programs, our plating lines and baths have been continually improved.


Today, we can provide Zinc Yellow, Zinc Clear Trivalent or Zinc Chromate and Zinc Clear with Leachant Sealant.  Our Trivalent Zinc Chromate coatings provide superior corrosion resistance, offer brighter finishes and are the preferred product used in Automotive and other industries where the plating has to survive in difficult environments.


We meet ASTM B117-97/03, ASTM B571 and ASTM B633-Class 8, type II.












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