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Globe Products Co., Inc. News


March 18, 2016 - Globe Products expands its line of garden hose fittings

Globe Products Co., Inc. a US manufacturer of hose ferrules, eyelets and metal stampings is pleased to announce that they recently expanded their availability of ribbed ferrules and garden hose fittings for the internal expansion hose market.  Customers can now obtain 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 inch male and female fittings as well as 650, 715, 730, 800, 850, 875 and 1025 ribbed ferrules.

November 11, 2015 – Discussion 3: Can you use a less expensive crimp hose ferrule? - Material Change

The third effective way to reduce the cost of your crimp hose ferrule is to change to a less expensive material.  In terms of cost, Stainless Steel is the most expensive followed by Brass, Plated Steel and Aluminum.  We haven't seen many instances of a change from Stainless Steel because this material choice is usually required due to the strength and its anti-corrosive properties; however we have participated in changing from Brass to Plated Steel and Steel to Aluminum.  Changing materials alters the look of the finished product.  This consideration as well as pull and burst test of the final hose assembly will be required when pursuing this approach.

September 8, 2015 – Discussion 2: Can you use a less expensive crimp hose ferrule? - Material Thickness

Globe Products Co. Inc. has successfully lowered the cost of crimp hose ferrules by reducing the thickness of the material being used. This has been most successful in Brass and Stainless Steel due to the more expensive cost per lb. of these metals. Aluminum and Steel do not see the same kind of cost reduction. For example .025 thick Brass ferrules have been successfully reduced to .020 and in some lower pressure applications, even .016 thick.

July 10, 2015 – Discussion 1: Can you use a less expensive crimp hose ferrule? – Length

As a supplier of hose ferrules for over 34 years, many companies have turned to Globe products Co. Inc.  to work with them to reduce the cost of their hose assemblies. While ferrules don’t make up the majority of a hose assembly cost, sometimes even a small change can give them a competitive edge. There are three common approaches taken when seeking to reduce the cost of a crimp hose ferrule. 

Shortening the length of a ferrule has a large impact on the amount of material being used.

A ferrule is deep drawn from a round blank of flat stock. Making it shorter means a smaller diameter blank can be used. There is more surface area around the outside of a circular blank so this is a very effective way of reducing metal content.

Because the length of a crimp ferrule is tied to the length of the barbed fitting, this change may also require the shortening of the barb inside the hose. This can be an addition cost savings. You will need to conduct your own burst and pull tests on any change but many of our customers have discovered real savings with this approach.

February 28, 2014 - Globe Products announces the purchase of a new high speed Stamping Press


Globe Products Co., a US manufacturer of hose ferrules, eyelets and metal stampings is pleased to announce the purchase of a new multi-station high speed transfer press.  Construction of this press has already started.  It is expected to go into service early this Fall.

"This high speed press adds to our stable of stamping presses and will add needed capacity as our business continues to grow, " says Kevin Lewis, General Manager at Globe Products. "As our business and product lines expand, we strive to be proactive and ensure we build our capacity ahead in anticipation of this growth."

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