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Plating Services

Plating Services As part of Globe Products Co., Inc. commitment to achieving excellent customer service, we are pleased to offer a varied selection of plating services designed to meet our clients' unique application requirements. Our plating operations meet ASTM industry standards and can work with any steel or brass component.

Using fully automated barrel tanks, Globe Products offers three varieties of plating materials: zinc barrel, zinc with chromate/leachant seal, and trivalent chromate coatings. With our standard zinc barrel plating, customers are assured that the zinc is evenly coated. In addition, products can be custom plated to the desired zinc coating thickness. With our zinc plating with chromate/leach seal, we perform a sealing process which increases the life of the metal, improves corrosion resistance, and offers a more aesthetically pleasing look. Finally, our trivalent chromate coatings are the most economical of all plating options, and can be produced with either a blue hue or clear appearance. Meeting automotive requirements, this type of plating is the preferred choice of the automotive industry.

Once the annealing process is complete, we bright dip all brass components. We also fully test our plating processes for quality, evaluating the chemical resistance, PH level, and coating thickness of all platings to ensure that our services meet client requirements. Providing excellent customer service with minimal lead times, our plating operations have met the needs of multiple industries, including plumbing, automotive, and fluid transfer. Contact Globe Products today to learn more!

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Plating Capabilities

Industry Focus
Fluid Transfer
Intended Application
Air Hose
Automotive A/C
Wooden Dowel Rods
Dog Leashes
Under-Sink Water Hoses
Dishwasher Hoses
Refrigerator Hoses
Industry Standards TS 16949 Certified
American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM)
Advance Production Quality Planning (APQP)
Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
North America Hose Assembly and Distributors (NAHAD) Member
Plating Material
Zinc Barrel
Zinc with Chromate / Leachant Seal
Trivalent Chromate Coatings
Substrate-Metal Steel
Plating Characteristics
Corrosion Resistant
Appearance Improvement
Chemical Resistant
Wear Resistant
Weather Proofing
Typical Lead Times Available 5 to 7 days
Production Volume Minimum Total 35 lbs.
Processes Electroplating
Equipment Barrel Tanks
Automation Capabilities
Computer Controlled Process
Robotic Load/Unload/Transfer
Fully Automated
Preplate Operations Acid Rinse
Post plate Operations Bright Dip after Annealing Process (only for Brass)
Testing Ability
Crimp Testing
Coating Thickness
Plating Thickness 1.0 to 3.0 mil
Part Length Up to 3.5 ft
Part Width Up to 8 in
Part Weight Up to 30 lbs
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